The world’s top steel companies specializing in wire rods, round bars, rebar, angle bars and flat bars choose TaeguTec as their partner because of the quality products and top-notch technical support that was gained through extensive experiences.

The company’s tungsten carbide rolls that press and shape steel, in the manufacturing process, undergo shaping and a high isostatic process (HIP) involving high temperature and pressure that eliminates the porosity of metals after the sintering process. One-time set-up, machining, inspection, marking and cleaning are done on the linear automated production line of tungsten carbide rolls. The tungsten carbide roll production line guarantees optimized productivity as well as significantly reduced delivery time.

Composite Roll

Featuring Intemediate Mill which is applicable to various rolling stands due to excellent & unique design; Stable & reliable clamping technology; Unique & flexible design for different requirements.

Also featuring Finishing Mill which will allow Minimum downtime for roll changes due to longer groove life-cycle with TaeguTec's carbide rolls; Easy to assemble & disassemble; No slippage under extreme working conditions of high rolling torque & low rolling speed; Reduced mill downtime maximum productivity

Torque Roll

Intermediate Mill - Free from slippage even under high rolling torque & low rolling speed; Flexible and optimal design for every requirement.

Cantilever Roll

Available in several grades with excellent toughness for high rolling torque & low rolling speed. Assembled with steel hub and steel cover.

Section Roll

TaeguTec's Section Rolls enable higher productivity with precise shape control and surface finish in various application. Slip protection in high pressure rolling and low speed rolling stands. TaeguTec can custom design and manufacture at customer's requirements.

Block Rolls

TaeguTec's Block Rolls available in several carbide grades with high crack-resistance & anti-oxidation, our block rolls show high wear resistance. Excellent surface finish and high productivity of final product due to precise dimension control during rolling.


Used for reducing & sizing block. Available in various carbide grades for highest performance with best surface finish, enabling defect-free finished production.

TaeguTec can supply the TriRoll as a solid type or assembly with steel hub and steel cover.

Tubing Roll

Used for cold rolling (2 roll) – Guarantees quality improvements with excellent surface finishes for SRM

Used for hot Rolling (3 roll) - Guarantees quality improvements with excellent surface finishes for sizing pass Both are supplied with steel hub and steel cover.


TaeguTec offers improved carbide grades which eliminate chipping at the sharp edge of Dog-bone & Slitting. Our QuadslitRolls show superior quality/ onger groove life than steel rolls.

For various Carbide Grades suitable for the application please see the following table.